"My Blue Period" explores the way Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) depicts female menstruation. Through the use of a software, I have extracted new text prompts from images generated with the prompt "woman menstruating" and replaced words like "blood" with "blue liquid" to create new visuals. While these images may seem absurd, they highlight the lack of knowledge and understanding about the female condition that exists in the world of technology and A.I.
The depiction of menstruation in A.I. is often erroneous and gore-filled, contributing to the stigma and shame surrounding this natural bodily process. By subverting the traditional representation and replacing it with a more palatable blue liquid, my project challenges the viewer to question the role of technology in shaping our understanding of gender and sexuality.
Through "My Blue Period," I hope to spark a conversation about the need for more inclusive and accurate representation of menstruation in the digital realm, and the urgent need to educate and empower individuals of all genders to embrace their bodies and their unique experiences.

Artist statement by Chat GPT/OpenAI 
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